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1-on-1 Software Advice Workshop

"We will help you start a new project, choose the right software for your needs or tackle a basic technology challenge"

- The Hotelhero Team

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Get expert advice on all things digital

Our sessions are designed to help you start a new project, choose the right software or solve a basic technology challenge


Solve a specific problem

If you need to solve a challenge or have an idea, but don't know what type of software can help you do that, we'll find a solution to ease the way for you.


Design the right software setup

If you're opening a new property or wish to change your existing systems, we'll map out the perfect combination of systems to set you up for the perfect fresh start.


Uncover the perfect tool for your needs

Whatever tool you're looking for, we'll analyse your current systems, operational processes and hotel characteristics to find the best tools for your needs & budgets.

Make the most of your workshop

After booking your session, you will receive a short survey to describe your needs & challenges and share your current software ecosystem to have a fruitful workshop.

We will also require half of the payment to be done before the session starts and will send you an online payment form.

Ask us anything

We will have a casual yet efficient consultation to present different options which are based on your property's characteristics and needs.

Through our database, we are able to identify the most suiting solutions for you.

It's time to make a choice

After our session, we will send you a follow up email recapping our session as well as make email introductions to shortlisted vendors.

Providers will then reach back to you to schedule demonstrations of their system. It will be time for you to make a decision.

Clients Testimonials

After taking our requirements, Hotelhero provided three recommendations for us to explore and ensured a smooth communication with the providers. We would not have been able to activate our upselling tool without Hotelhero making it such an easy process.

We simply expressed our wishes to Hotelhero and they helped us to build a whole IT ecosystem made up of several software pieces working in perfect synergy, each specialised in their field. We will finally move into the 21st century thanks to Hotelhero.

Hotelhero allows hoteliers to get a perfect sneak peek of “next generation” solutions & optimise your technology setup for the modern guest journey

Our Offer

Software Advice Workshop
  • Unlimited recommendations
  • Introduction to vendors
  • Setup of your Hotelhero profile
  • 1 follow up email
  • 3 months free trial of contract management system


  • What type of systems can you help me find?

    Hotelhero encompasses the complete value chain of systems needed to run a hotel, hostel or serviced apartments successfully. We'll help you find anything from operational and marketing software to guest experience and distribution (e.g.revenue management system, property management system, channel manager, website booking engine, guest app, upselling, sales & catering).

  • Do you take commissions or partner with specific companies?

    Hotelhero's mission is to bring transparency to the market by allowing all technology vendors to have a profile on the platform. Our experts are always on the lookout to identify any new tools available on the market to provide you with the best recommendations.

  • Do you assist me with the implementation of systems?

    As we look at thousands of solutions, we cannot be experts of every tool out there. Also, we focus on recommending "Software as a Service " providers which enable simple, fast and remote implementation with the assistance of a dedicated on-boarding specialist.

  • I'm looking for a strategy consultant. Do you provide this type of service?

    To make sure you are receiving the best possible service in every domain, Hotelhero works with a curated list of experts. We can recommend consultants for the following domains:

    • Revenue & Distribution
    • Digital Marketing
    • IT Implementation
    • Staff Training
    • Online Reputation Management
    • Branding & Positioning

  • What if I am not satisfied with your services?

    We work on. a "money-back guarantee" policy to ensure you receive the best advice. If our suggestions and recommendations are not useful, we'll refund the amount in full.

Ready to upgrade your property?

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